Supreme Steel: Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

May 22, 2024

At Supreme Steel, we are proud of the steps we have taken to become a more environmentally friendly business.

Here are some of the key initiatives and achievements that highlight our commitment to sustainability:

1. Sourcing Raw Materials Domestically

We consistently buy raw materials from North American mills. The North American steel industry is the cleanest and most energy-efficient of the leading steel industries worldwide. This is largely due to the high percentage of steel made from recycling scrap, the use of domestically sourced iron ore pellets, and the increasing use of natural gas in place of coal and coke to produce steel with lower emissions. North America produces a significantly higher portion of its steel from electric arc furnaces (EAFs) compared to global competitors, resulting in lower CO2 emissions. In 2020, 70.6 percent of U.S. steelmaking came from EAFs, compared to just 26.3 percent worldwide. This shift to EAFs helps reduce our carbon footprint and contributes to cleaner steel production.

2. Energy Efficiency Facility Upgrades at Supreme

We have upgraded the lighting in our shops to LED, which is more energy efficient. Additionally, we have installed motion sensor switches to limit unnecessary lighting usage. These changes help us conserve energy and reduce our overall environmental impact.

3. Solvent Recycling

We recently invested in a solvent recycler for our paint shop. This investment not only reduces waste but also ensures that we are reusing materials efficiently, contributing to a circular economy and minimizing our environmental footprint.

4. Meeting Global Emission Reduction Targets

In 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a globally acknowledged United Nations body in the field of climate science, published a Special Report. This report underscored the urgency of limiting global temperature rise to below 1.5°C within this century to avert catastrophic climate impacts. Achieving this imperative necessitates a worldwide reduction in GHG emissions by 45% from 2010 levels by 2030, with a goal of achieving carbon neutrality around 2050. To accomplish this, unwavering action is essential across all sectors, including government, industries, businesses, and individuals, uniting in a shared commitment to mitigate carbon emissions. We are pleased to announce that Supreme Steel met the 45% emission-reduction target early.

5. Environmental Sustainability Program

We have a documented environmental sustainability program which outlines our commitments and initiatives for sustainability and can be found on our company SharePoint site. By implementing these measures, Supreme Steel is leading the way in environmental sustainability within the steel industry. Whether you’re in Saskatoon, Edmonton, or anywhere else, our steel fabrication and steel installation services are now greener and more efficient.