Supreme Steel: Aerial Work Platform (AWP) and Fall Protection Training

May 27, 2024

At Supreme Steel, safety is our top priority. We are a leading steel fabricator in Western Canada, specializing in structural steel fabrication and installation based primarily in Edmonton and Saskatoon. Our recent training sessions underscore our commitment to maintaining a secure working environment.

We conducted Aerial Work Platform (AWP) training at our Acheson facility. This program ensures that our workers can safely operate aerial work platforms. The training covers topics such as legal requirements, different types of AWPs, hazard identification and safe operating procedures. This knowledge is crucial for our team to perform their duties efficiently and safely.

In addition to AWP training, our workers completed Fall Protection Training. This course is designed to prevent falls from heights, a critical concern in steel fabrication and installation. The training focuses on understanding relevant regulations, identifying potential hazards and correctly using fall protection systems.

At Supreme Steel, we believe that thorough and ongoing safety training is vital for our success as a steel fabricator. We are dedicated to providing our team with the knowledge and tools they need to work safely and effectively in all our projects across Edmonton, Saskatoon, and beyond.