Bin #2 Gallery Replacement


Owner: Nutrien Lanigan
Sector: Industrial
Region: Saskatchewan
Business: Structural
Service: Steel Fabrication, Steel Installation
Date: 2018
Tonnage: 600 tonnes
Location: Lanigan, Saskatchewan

Supreme fabricated, coated, and pre-assembled 840’ of tripper conveyor sections complete with electrical components for the #2 Product Storage Bin at the Nutrien Lanigan site.  Prior to the start of installation protective poly and mats were placed on the potash to create a stable work surface.  The existing conveyor system was hung in place, the timber conveyor structure removed, and the new steel sections installed in the span of two weeks working day and night.  All work was completed on schedule and within budget.


Nutrien needed to remain operation during the time of construction. Supreme required detailed execution plans that took into account the operational requirements of the owner.