Co-op Refinery CCRL Expansion


Owner: Consumer’s Co-op Refineries Ltd. (CCRL)
Sector: Industrial
Region: Saskatchewan
Business: Structural
Service: Steel Fabrication, Steel Installation
Date: 2010 – Present
Tonnage: 500 tonnes
Location: Regina, Saskatchewan

Since 2010, Supreme has been engaged with CCRL to supply and install over 500 tonnes of structural & miscellaneous steel, including catwalks, access platforms, road crossings, pipe supports, and more. By providing in-house drafting, engineering, fabrication, coating, and erection services we have successfully delivered the steel within tight schedule tolerances to meet our customer’s requirements.


Customer Feedback 

“Supreme continues to set the standard very high out here and your work within the project engineering group and throughout the plant does not go unnoticed. Even with the continual curve balls we have thrown at you over the past year, you guys continue to meet our needs on quality, schedule and budget. Special thanks to the site team. Look forward to working with you again.”    – Steven Court, Project Engineer Coop Refinery Complex