Esterhazy K3 Expansion


Owner: Mosaic
General Contractor: Hatch
Sector: Industrial
Region: Saskatchewan
Business: Structural
Service: Steel Fabrication, Steel Installation
Date: 2021
Tonnage: 2,300 tonnes
Location: Esterhazy, Saskatchewan

Supreme completed the supply, fabrication, pre-assembly and installation of the structural steel for the K3 head frame. The project involved complex deliveries and construction methodology. Our team was able to draw on our many years of mining experience to provide innovative solutions to the project.


At over 380 ft., the K3 headframe is the tallest structure in the province. It houses and operates the massive hoists and skips that will transport potash to the surface from more than half a mile underground.

The site also contains some of the largest Koepe hoists in the world (60-ton payload skips) to achieve the planned future production requirements.