Industrial Agricultural Storage Facility


Sector: Industrial
Region: British Columbia
Business: Structural
Service: Steel Fabrication
Date: February 2021
Tonnage: 1700 tonnes
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

This client from the agricultural solutions space came to Supreme in an emergency situation.  Our client was facing significant financial penalties for late completion, and they chose to hire Supreme as their steel fabricator.  The project required curved components and radius plate fit up using hundreds of bolts per seam on 20 different structures.  Supreme constructed unique jigs during fabrication and leveraged strict quality control and trial fit sequencing to ensure the steel would construct seamlessly on site. Utilizing both of our facilities in Saskatoon and Acheson, Supreme was able to provide 1700 Tons meeting 100% of the client’s key milestone dates.



With over 5500 major components and 20 milestone dates required to be hit, Supreme was able plan, organize and execute this fast-track project leaving all stakeholders involved very satisfied with the outcome.