Kinsmen Park Ferris Wheel


General Contractor: PCL
Sector: Commercial
Region: Saskatchewan
Business: Structural
Service: Steel Installation
Date: 2014
Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The Kinsmen Park is a 29 acre public park in Saskatoon with over 100 years of history. Located along the South Saskatchewan River it is a park that is rooted in the heart of the citizens of Saskatoon. The City of Saskatoon received funding to revitalize the park and Supreme Steel excitedly seized the opportunity to participate in this community focused project.

Supreme Steel approached the general contractor on the project with a proposal to erect the 20-meter-tall, Italian built Ferris wheel. The wheel is complex, and the sequencing of installation was crucial in the project’s success. Supreme Steel and Ironworkers from Saskatoon Local 771 donated their time to this project. This landmark project change the Saskatoon riverscape.


The Ferris Wheel at Kinsmen Park was delivered to site from Spain in 2014. Supreme Steel had to plan the erection of this structure carefully as the sequencing of installation is critical. This project shows Supreme’s diversity as a steel erector. Supreme was proud to continue our long standing support of the Kinsmen Club in Saskatoon by completing this work without profit.

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