RBC Convention Centre


General Contractor: Stuart Olson
Sector: Commercial
Region: Manitoba
Business: Structural
Service: Steel Fabrication, Steel Installation
Date: 2015
Tonnage: 3,500 tonnes
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Supreme Steel Winnipeg was awarded the contract to supply and install approx. 3,500t of steel for the RBC Winnipeg Convention Centre Expansion in March 2014. The centre was the newest Convention Centre in Canada, as of 2016.

As the structure is located in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, the erection of large trusses caught the attention of the many Winnipeggers working in the surrounding buildings who would stop to watch the ironworkers in action. Convention Centre President, Klaus Lahr labeled it as “An iconic building, a building that works well, a building that looks good in the city, fits into the surroundings, and makes the citizens of Winnipeg proud of it.”

The structure was built to meet LEED Silver Standards, and is presently the largest tier-two publicly-owned Convention Centre in Canada, as well as is the fourth largest of its kind in Canada, overall.


Supreme Steel won the 2017 CISC Regional Award for Engineering this project.