Shark Bite Heavy Haul Bridge


Owner: CNRL
General Contractor: Ledcor
Sector: Bridge
Region: Alberta
Business: Structural
Service: Steel Installation, Steel Supply
Date: 2022-2023
Location: Fort McMurray
CNRL proposed a new crossing over Jackpine Creek to improve the flow of vehicles at the Albian Sands facility’s new Shark Bite mine. Ledcor, the General Contractor for the road network, subcontracted Supreme to fabricate and erect girders for the crossing. Supreme was chosen due to their reputation and experience with bridges, as well as their ability to meet tight schedule requirements.
The crossing was divided into two bridges: a Heavy Haul Bridge for Heavy Haul trucks and a Light Vehicle Bridge for other vehicles. Supreme was also awarded additional work, including the erection of precast concrete panels and installation of steel formwork.
Both bridges presented unique challenges during fabrication and erection. Supreme Bridge Division facility was busy with another project, so 3 bays were ramped up at the Acheson facility to expedite fabrication. The Light Vehicle Bridge was erected first and completed ahead of schedule.
During the erection of the Heavy Haul Bridge, Supreme’s crew noticed discrepancies between the survey information provided and the actual placement of girders. With the help of a third-party surveyor, Supreme developed a plan with the client to move forward and expedite the remainder of the erection activities.