The Leaf at Canada’s Diversity Gardens


General Contractor: Bird Construction
Sector: Commercial
Region: Manitoba
Business: Structural
Service: Steel Fabrication, Steel Installation
Date: Completion 2021
Tonnage: 1,333 Tonnes
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Leaf at Canada’s Diversity Gardens project consisted of a 33-meter-high center Diagrid system. The diagrid was fabricated in 33 large welded frames assemblies from 12” diameter steel HSS/pipes welded to Steel Node Castings supplied by Cast Connex. These frames were assembled in place and field welding together. The diagrid was designed to transfer the high loads from the cable net and EFT roof system down to the foundations. Supreme Steel worked closely with the design team to determine the most efficient details for the fabrication and erection of this complex structure while still maintaining the Architects design intent. Due to the structure’s geometry, the installation, fabrication and connection design posed many issues which the team at Supreme Steel successfully brought to completion. At project completion Supreme will have fabrication and installed the 490 tonne Diagrid core, the 412 tonne biome and the 432 tonne support building.


  • Breaking down the diagrid into shippable pieces, fabricating the jigs, fabrication on the diagrid sections at three different shops, the use of the 3D scanning software, erection of the diagrid core tower, and see the completed welded diagrid structure onsite.

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